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I am glad to support you with your trading tools.
Note: All statements regarding the trading system are vendor’s promises not me.I shall not be held responsible of results caused by any item from the shop

Refund Policy
I make no guarantee of wining or loosing or custom indicator repainting or not. I do not offer refund, because I am not here to recommend any trading system, I am only here to save you cost, so you can invest the rest of your capital trading.
Never share or resell this trading system because I will block your account and IP without telling you.

If You Are The Owner Of A Trading System; What Can You Do?
The website admin doesn’t tolerate any copyright infringements. Contact me directly I will remove it within 24 hours and it will never be be on the shop again. I am not here to sell someone elses hardwork (CopyRight).  

Coupon Code
If you are among our frequent buyers we issue coupon code to download trading system freely or at a little price. So always check your mail to notice our coupon code because they expire within some hours.

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