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WesternPips Private 7 Updated 13 December 2021

$ 51.00

Vendor Website:WesternPips Private 7 Updated 13 December 2021

Vendor Price: $3000

You will have it for $51 – One Time Payment for Unlimited accounts.

What you will receive:

Westernpips Private 7 Update 13 December 2021.
All completed package with Official User Guide

This will come including any future updates they provide. the system includes a LMAX connection.
The DAAS system that will be activated thru our own private licensing server.
A working config is will include.

Westernpips Private 7 Update 13 December
New Setings For 2 LEG LOCK HIDDEN Algo
LockCount – control of the number of open locks, simultaneous operation of only one pair of locks.
MinOrderTime – minimum duration of trades in seconds. For example 600 seconds. Due to the new LockCount settings, signals will not be skipped during the waiting time and you will not have to wait for a new signal for 10 minutes, when LockCount setting 10, you can receive up to 10 signals in 1 minute and the duration of each trade will be more than 10 minutes.
MinSpreadSlow, MaxSpreadSlow – min/max spread size control for open orders
– Execution Plagin Control
Stop Trading if long execution time detected
– Tab Clone
Сloning a tab with all the fast/slow brokers and symbols settings, trading settings, a very convenient function when you need to run many accounts with the same settings.