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WealthFRX Master Trading Course 2.0

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Course Contents: Intro

-How to Choose a Broker

-Choosing a Currency Pair –How I Risk -Trading Journal Template

Strategy Overview

-Daily Zones & Candles

-4H To Determine Buy/Sell Bias

-LTF Indicator + Session Timings

-London Session Zones – GJ, EJ, GA

-US Session Zones – EU, Gold, Silver

-US Session Zones – GA, GJ, EJ

-Drawing Precise LTF Zones

-Entry Candles

-LDN Session – How To Sell

-LDN Session – How To Buy

–US Session – How To Sell

-US Session – How To Buy

-Holding Trades Through Multiple Sessions

-Stop Loss Rules

-How To Half Loss Size

-London Session – Taking Profits & Removing Risk

-US Session – Taking Profits & Removing Risk (EU, Gold, Silver)

-US Session – Taking Profits & Removing Risk (GA, GJ, EJ)

-Targetting 2.0

-Targetting 3.0

-Gold Silver Correlation

-Head + Shoulders at HTF zones

-Start to Finish – Complete Trade on EURUSD

-Full Week of GJ in US Session

-Analysing Two Random Pairs

Fundamentals & 90%WR News Strategy

-How To Trade News

-Live News Terminal

-What News is Tradeable?

-The Banks Liquidation Strategy for News Events

-News Strategy Examples

Psychology<br>How to Win Every Day

-Societal Conditioning

-This Is What Makes a Trader Profitable

-External Life Creates Trading Sucess

-Watch this video after a WIN

-Watch this video after a LOSS


-LDN – GBPAUD | Asia Flipped our Bias

-LDN – GBPAUD | Weekly High Rejection

-LDN – GBPJPY | 21/10

-LDN & US – GBPAUD | Buys


-US – XAGUSD | LIVE Trade 2

-US – XAGUSD | LIVE Trade 3

-US – GBPJPY | Managed Profit Taken

-US – EURJPY | Exact Pip Rejection Perfection

-US – EURUSD | Break-Even

-US – EURUSD | Bias Flip

-US – Gold & GBPAUD | 29/11

-US – GBPAUD | 21/10

-26/10 – Predictions & Outcomes (GBPAUD, XAUUSD, XAGUSD)

-Reviewing Student Trades