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TickSniper PRO and GoodSanta

$ 40.00

Vendor Website: TickSniper PRO and GoodSanta

Vendor Price: $250

You will have it for $40– One Time Payment. It works on any number of accounts!

What you will receive:

Experts Version 19.802:
-Exp – TickSniper PRO MT4.ex4
-Exp – GOOD SANTA MT4 .ex4
Document: User Guide TickSniper and Good Santa English.pdf

Good Santa is the younger brother of the TICKSNIPER system as a whole.
Good Santa was created for beginners who do not like \ do not know how to set up an expert. All the settings in this
Expert Advisor are set by default. You can select the trade type for the Expert Advisor with thevLevelTrade parameter.
The detailed parameters in the Good Santa advisor were hidden so that the beginner would not be confused with them. Everything is configured automatically under your broker and currency pair.
TICKSNIPER is a professional scalping system in which all settings are available for editing. You can configure TICKSNIPER for your needs.
TICKSNIPER also has a number of additional functions that were not included in the advisor Good Santa