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Professional Forex Trading Masterclass-Anton Kreil

$ 70.00

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You will have it for $70 – One Time Payment for Unlimited accounts.

What you will receive:

Core Course: 29 videos
Documents: 19 folders with excel spreadsheets

Welcome to the most comprehensive online Forex Trading Education video series available in the World.
Your Teacher and Mentor will be the Institutes Managing Partner and former Goldman Sachs trader Anton Kreil.

TESTIMONIALS from earlier course
“To say the penny has dropped is an understatement my thought process has hit the jackpot and it’s still paying out pennies.” – Martin, London (August 2013)
“I’ve just completed the Professional Trading Masterclass and had my eyes opened to how the pro’s do it. They don’t teach you this stuff at school.
The course is very well structured with the fun parts helping drive the messages home and lift the lid on technique, discipline and mindset….. I should have done this years ago!” – Graham, London (July 2013)
“I have to say that your course is absolutely amazing. I wanted a big picture. Now I have it and it’s also a much clearer picture of the market than ever before.” – Bruno, Belgium (July 2013)
“Course is INCREDIBLE !!! Only hope I can gradually put it into practice and grow spiritually by being more analytical in my investment decisions making.” – Kibbs (July 2013)