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Market Breaker V2.0

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Expert: Market Breaker EA.ex4 V2.0 (Unlimited)

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Introducing the official MARKET BREAKER (EA & INDICATOR)Introducing the official MARKET BREAKER (EA & INDICATOR)

It is finally here, Market Breaker is both an EA and Indicator which uses price action patterns with the highest winning points.

-You will get the EA which will open trades and close them for you at crazy entry styles, with all the SL, TP, Trialing you need   You will also get the indicator version, which draws all the Trendlines and Support and Resistance winning levels for your powerful trades.

There are 8 best algorithms built into the indicator and EA</strong>.<br>1) Pivots H/L.<br>2) BOS/CHoCH.<br>3) Order Blocks.


5) Fair Value Gaps.

6) Previous day/week/month H/L.

7) Premium/Discount zones.

8) Colorize candles + Order Blocks .

9) Trendline Breaks.

10) H&S breakout.

You may do your research these are the most powerful PA styles.


==>Minimum Required Equity of $15, Works on any brokerage but highly recommended ECN / Raw Spread.

==>Up to 79.3% – 608.2% Weekly returns on accounts higher than $50.

==>11% Weekly returns on accounts lower than $50.

==>Does not use any Grid Strategy or Martingale Strategy. Pure Price, and does not take any longer to open trades.

==>Swing Trading mode and Scalping modes in one style.

==>Works on all pairs and indices as well as Stocks and Crypto!!

==>Up to 96% winning accuracy that’s a bigger increase from all our previous EAs!


==>Non-Repaint and Non-Lagging all signals at first start of the indicator.

==>All types of alerts and also push notifications straight to your phone and also Telegram Alerts.

==>Works on all Time-frames and brokers.

==>Accuracy of 94%, with 9 Built trading algorithms of pure price action.