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Hedging Arbitrage EA

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Expert: Hedging Arbitrage EA.ex4 (Unlocked) (Chinese Language)

Document: HuiTXZN-EA说明(量化倍增V2.0)

Hedging arbitrage trading system strategy concept

Combined with artificial intelligence technology, based on quantitative big data, mathematical value regression algorithm development. MT4 foreign exchange EA quantitative trading and intelligent trading system based on the concept of quantitative price basis regression arbitrage, through the process of correcting the deviation between market expectations and internal operation laws to achieve the purpose of investment profit, that is, the use of the basis of the two currency pairs will definitely diverge and return to the law to establish a stable profit model,

which is a relatively small risk and return to unilateral trading A more stable trading model.

This EA cross-instrument (currency pair with a high correlation between the rise and fall) when the basis diverges at a high level One more and one short lock order hedging transaction, long and short at the same time opens a profit and closes the position at the same time, long and short single volume balance transaction risk is not large, when the basis is reversed to expand, you can set up additional arbitrage profit total flat, clear profit principle, logic, a mechanism to achieve stable profit laid the foundation, EA related parameters such as variety, order size, position risk rate control can be adjusted independently.

High correlation with rise and fall + basis high divergence sniper + long-short two-way single volume balance + synchronous position opening and closing + position risk rate risk control + The mechanism of extreme protection risk control + hedging anti-gap high and low opening + divergence correction regression principle makes this hedging trading EA a rare cross-variety and cross-cycle strategy in the market based on quantitative price basis model to achieve stable profitability The most secure and stable system model of all policy models.

Since the basis of the related currency pair is always present and entangled back and forth every day, the basis hedges the original of arbitrage Theory, logic, mechanism will also be effective for a long time, long-term operation to make money has become standardized and normal, MT4 Forex EA intelligent glue system is a kind of can Long-term choice of investment trading model


Hedging refers to the simultaneous trading of two groups of related currency varieties in opposite directions, and there must be a correlation between currencies, and it is impossible for any currency pair to carry out hedging transactions.