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Hedge Ninja “Never lose again”

$ 40.00




Expert: Hedge-Ninja-1.1.ex5 (Unlocked)

Indicator: ADR Scalping Indicator 1.3.ex5

Document: Guide


This is a semi or full-automatic robot which is a great tool for hedging and the strategy “Never lose again”.

If you think it\u2019s hard to determine in which direction the market will go, this robot changes the direction in which the price moves so you win no matter which direction the price moves.

Key Features


A hedging strategy that makes it win no matter which direction the price moves.

As long as the price moves, it wins. The risk with this strategy is consolidation areas. So combined with some manual analysis in areas where you know the price will most likely move away, it can do amazing results.


You can trade it on any instrument, available on your account:




Manual or Automatic

Choose if you want to tell it when to enter, and in which start direction, or do full automatic.

I’m using it for instance as buy only on Nasdaq100 (us100) between hours 15:00 – 16:00 CET when New York opens and the price most likely move a lot.

Take Profit

You have to decide at which price you shall hit your target, both above entry, and below entry. The EA calculates needed lot sizes to reach your target approximately at your desired prices.

Drawdown Limit

You can set how much drawdown is allowed before closing the trade cycle.


Trade volume (lot size) is based on account balance so automatically as your account grows, the trade volume increases so you benefit from compounding.