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Forex Wealth Strategy by Toshko Raychev

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You will have it for $179– One Time Payment for Unlimited accounts.

What you will receive:

Content: Complete package including all bonuses and future updates.
-Intro & Basics
-System Rules
-Example Trades
-Live Trades and Webinar
-System Manual
-Indicators and Template
-Assistant – Here Now!
-Live Webinar Recordings
-All Updates
-All Bonuses
-Guaranteed Permanent Working Indicators & Template

Package ready !!!

Recent weekly updates:
Update 1: Webinar 0.mp4.
Update 2: Webinar 1.mp4,Maximizing+Profits and OctaBoard.ex4 with template.
Update 3: Webinar+002.mp4 and More Example Trades picture.
Update 4: Webinar 3.mp4 and FWS Major Levels.ex4.
Update 5: Webinar 4 – HTF Confirmation.mp4 and Octa Double HTF.ex4.
Update 6: Webinar 5.mp4 and HTF+Confirmation.pdf.
Update 7: Webinar+006.mp4+Octa Aggresive.ex4.
Update 8: Webinar+007.mp4,Aggressive Entry Technique.pdf and Indicator Bonuses.
Update 9: Webinar 8 – Price Action.mp4 and Simple Price Action.pdf.
Update 10: Webinar 9.mp4.
Update 11: Webinar 10.mp4.