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Forex Kingle HEDGER Robot- King Of Hedging

$ 230.00

Vendor Website: ForexKingle Hedger

Vendor Price: $1599

You will have it for $230– One Time Payment. It works on any number of accounts.

What you will receive:

Expert: Kingle Hedger Expert
Document: User Guide


Forex Kingle HEDGER – The KING of HEDGING

ForexKingle Hedger is based on time and price, it does not depend on any indicator because the vendor believes that many indicators have failed and blinded a lot of traders for decades.

For example the fact is that FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS gives no regard to any indicator performance.

With Forex Kingle Hedger you can make 70% monthly depending on your settings.

Why It is Forex Kingle Hedger The King of Hedging

1. 80% of the time, ForexKingleHedger makes profit without hedging. [You will see in the backtest soon]

2. ForexKingleHedger enters the market with a backup plan to hedge, so that when it hedges, it will still make the profit.

3. ForexKingleHedger does not hedge using a grid method popularly used by other EAs.


Forex Kingle Hedger works on GBPUSD and EURUSD ONLY!!

ForexKingle Hedger needs a minimum amount of 5000USC (cent) or 5000USD!

ForexKingle Hedger only needs a settings for the Lot-Size, Your Profit and set IncreaseYourRisk value.

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