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EA Diamond (Unlocked without msimg32.dll)

$ 33.00


Expert: EA Diamond.ex4 V1.55 (Unlocked-without msimg32 dll)

3 Presets/.sefile

Document: Recommendation

Diamond is an advanced automated expert advisor with a high-performance trading strategy.

This is a professional trading tool with enhanced trading performance, which contains an adaptive algorithm and combines the best technologies of EA Sapphire, EA Maestro, and EA Prime.

The implemented solutions allowed us to significantly improve the trading efficiency and performance of the system.

Every suitable moment of the market the expert uses to his advantage.

Along with the price chart data analysis, the EA takes into account coming news, current spreads, time, and day of the week.

Even at this stage, powered by a few top experts, the Diamond has a performance, equivalent to the multiplication of the performances of all systems included in it.

The Ea has predefined set files and can trade with automated and fixed lots.

You can use recommended setting or have your own preference