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Decision Bar V6

$ 30.00

Vendor Website:Decision Bar V6

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You will have it for $30 – One Time Payment for Unlimited accounts.

What you will receive:

Original Price $99+
Metatrader 4 FULL-Version (V6April 2015Latest Version)
Expert: DB Stops EA v2.ex4
-DB Pivots Strategy.ex4
-DB Pivots Strategy Labels.ex4
-DB Pivots Str Warning.ex4
-DB Pivots.ex4
-DB BiasBar.ex4
-DB Stocks RiskOsc.ex4
-DB Futures RiskOsc.ex4
-DB FX RiskOsc.ex4
-DB Stops.ex4
Script: DB OrderSender.ex4
Template: Decision_bar.tpl