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Da-Vinci PRO 2.0

$ 33.00

Vendor Website: Da-Vinci PRO 2.0

Vendor Price: $2000

You will have it for $33 – One Time Payment for Unlimited accounts.

What you will receive:

Experts: DaVinci 2.032.ex4 

No User Guide

A new version of DaVinci 2.03 has been posted in your account:

improved algorithm of the AntiTrend function
introduced the ability to enable and disable the additional trading grid of orders, which will increase profitability
redesigned standard take profit setting algorithm
when the account balance limit is reached, the robot will continue to trade, opening orders based on the license limit
the risk-return balance is shifted in favor of profitability

I advise everyone to upgrade from versions 2.0 and 2.011 to the new version.
Versions prior to DaVinci 2.0 will no longer be supported after 2 weeks.
The transition from older versions to Davinci 2.03 developers are advised to do through the complete drying of each pair.
Set NewTradeStopLevel to 0.
As all orders for each pair are closed, you can run DaVinci 2.03 on it.