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Cyborg EA MT4

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Expert: Cyborg MT4.ex4 (Unlocked-MT4 build 1380)
Document: Pair and Timeframe

1- What is CYBORG EA?
CYBORG is half human half machine. The idea of this EA is to integrate the human factor of analysis with the computer’s factor of trade and risk management. It’s very flexible in terms of pairs, timeframes, and profit targets.
2- So this means it’s not a money machine that I plug to my chart and I let it make me a millionaire?
No, this EA is realistic, we’re not selling you dreams of get rich quick. You will need to put some work with the EA to get profits and to stay safe in the markets
3- How does it work?
CYBORG is a grid/martingale EA. It’s not your traditional martingale EA that has 1 TP and 1 range of positions. This EA is very flexible and it makes sure that you come out with the most profits all the time!
4- So this means I can only use it in accumulation and I will miss trends?
For the most part, yes. But again, you can still use it to scalp on trends. And if for some reason the trend has a pullback, you’ll be able to come out of it with with profits securely
5- Then this means I can use the EA and be 100% safe and I will never lose again?┬áLike everything else in the markets, you have to be realistic and perform money management appropriately. We can’t guarantee that during accumulation there won’t be news about a nuclear war that will let the markets go insane
6- If I deposit X amount of money and work on it for 6 months with no withdrawals, will I be able to make a lot of money this way?
We suggest taking profits regularly from the EA. We personally take profits every 3-4 days. It is important to secure your initial investment and your profits. That way the market won’t affect you negatively no matter what. As we have shown, aggressive trading can get 100% + plus a month.