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ATS V4.1 with Source Code (MQ4)

$ 45.00


Indicator: ATS V4.1.MQ4 (Source Code)


ATS shows you a map of the Markets that leads to a much deeper understanding of what’s really going on and where the true opportunity is.

Through ATS, you’ll know all of the most important price levels set by the Institutions so you can form your own trading ideas around how they move Markets while accurately defining your own risk based on “their” plan.

You can think of ATS as the ultimate replacement for your Fibonacci indicator.

The best part is you never have to guess where to draw your lines since the ATS algorithm automatically makes sure your analysis is perfect every time.

ATS works in every time frame and in every liquid Market.

Once you start trading with ATS you will never want to be without this tool again.

Note: No User Guide