No Worries, With ForexWary

If you are the owner of any product on forexwary, the below message is for you!

I am against any Copyright or Infringement of any authors work.

Forexwary is a place where client shares licensed digital product they dont need anymore to other clients.

This way, if a customer is not happy with a product, he can still get his money back or even part of it.

Like I have said, I am against copyright abuse, so if you are the owner of any product on forexwary and you never give license to anyone to share.

Please do the following things right now:

1. Contact me with the link of your product

2. Hold on for me within 24-48 hours to remove the product from forexwary.

3. If your product is not removed within 24-48 hours, kindly take any action against me….

Be rest assured, your product will be removed within the hours I have promised…

Please once your product is also removed, you can provide me with your affliate link so that I can sell your product [That is if you have an affliate link]

I respect your hardwork